Over the past years, the legal and financial system in Greece is quite unstable. As far as real estate and property ownership is concerned, the legislation changes are so fast and continuous, that it is difficult to keep updated, especially when living abroad.

For example, the Single Real-Estate Ownership Tax-ENFIA has changed six times since 2008 (renamed from FMAP to ETAK, FAP, EETHDE, EETA, ENFIA). Each time, different amounts of taxes have to be paid, including different conditions for tax deductions.

The case of the Hellenic National Land Registry (cadastre) is also noteworthy. In case you do not state your property (Real property acquisition title) until a certain date, then your property is registered as of “unknown owner.”

Our company, staffed with professionals engaged in the Greek real estate market, can inform you about the current changes and your obligations as owners, towards the Greek State. Our goal is to keep you updated, so as not to encounter an unpleasant surprise.